Monday, September 13, 2010

Little ol' ME? A saint??

Okay, I know it's been forever since I've written! 

And I've got a friend or two that question whether they will see another post anytime in the near future.
I am really excited because I have this little game plan now... You see, while I was in Wyoming, even when the entire week was devoted to other things, I found time on most every weekend to blog. And I figure now, why not go back to that? I am certain I can find time most weekends (if not all) to post a little glimpse of my life and thoughts. Ect. I realize now that it isn't a weekend. lol So what business do I have being on here?? :-P 

Well, I am reading a book for my class on Romans. I came across a part that was very encouraging to me, and I just thought I would share it for tonight. (Just cuz I am missing my time spent on this blog!)

If we believe what Paul teaches here, there would be more saintly lives among the saints. A Christian whose life is not what it ought to be often gives this excuse: "I don't pretend to be a saint!" It doesn't matter what you pretend to be - if you are a Christian, you are a saint! It is not an evidence of humility to refuse to be called a saint. It is not humility to refuse to take that name that God has given us but unbelief, masquerading in the role of humility. 
Does the world expect anything of a sinner? Not a thing. Does the world expect anything of a saint? It certainly does. If a man that has taken this position falls, every man will jeer at him, saying, "There is your saint!" To accept the position of saint demands living in conformity with the position. Those who do not want to take that position know that they do not intend to live in accordance with that position, and therefore they refuse to take it. 
God never goes to a sinner and tells him to try to attain sainthood. He picks us out of the mud, and He says, "You are a saint." We are not making believe. We are holy and must live in accordance with our position. This is never attained by striving, but by taking possession of sainthood, remembering our position, and living in accordance with it.

  "The Gospel of God's Grace" 
   by Alva Mcclain

This challenges me to raise the bar. To be careful what jokes I laugh at, and to listen to the music that holds God in high and holy reverence. My life should look different than that of a non-Christian. And this high standard for living should not flow out of a desire to please people around me, or to make myself look good.  It's as if God took my life and transformed me from a peasant girl to a princess, and I only want to reflect sheer gratefulness to Him for that.