Friday, May 20, 2011

All in All, a Good Night

It's official. Junior year has come to a close. And all the seniors have graduated (as of 2 weeks ago). And I'm thinking, "what does that make me!?"
A senior! Officially.

Now that I'm back home for a couple weeks, I have started up my old job of waitressing. My little bro calls it "the pancake place" because that's all he ever orders there (and no, it's not Ihop....) I will say, that is so great to always have a place to come home to where they will throw me right onto the schedule within a minute's notice.
When you put all the mix of people together - hosts, cooks, servers, managers, and dishwashers - you have the "Bob Evans Family," which is definitely a colorful cast of characters. When you start fresh into a day of work, you never know what it might possibly bring forth. Tonight especially was one that caught me off guard in alot of ways...

It started out with an older couple that I couldn't seem to satisfy no matter how hard I tried. Then I made a mistake that the boss was not too appreciative of, and she didn't hesitate to loudly inform me so. Then the other waiter who was on my half of the restaurant got fed up with the way things were going and decided to walk out the door for the night. He was originally going to be one of the closers so that left myself and another of the servers to help with all the closing work that we didn't expect we'd have to do.

But lest you start to think this sounds like only a long chain of complaints, there is a point to all these miniature tragedies of my life tonight.....

The one waitress whom I have never been able to talk with, understand, or read very well, was the very one who kept a positive attitude toward all that went on. And at the end of the night she sincerely thanked me for helping her with all the work it takes to close the store.

Sometimes the nights when it seems like the most chaos happens and the most problematic things occur, are the nights when I leave feeling the most grateful for my coworkers and the most bonded together with them. See? Good really does come out of the hard times. ;-)