Monday, February 4, 2013

Do's and Don'ts of Teaching

As of the past few weeks I've been literally LIVING in the classroom. I guess it's just always been my view of first-year-teaching. In order to be good you have to be prepared.

While yes, that is true. I realized over this weekend that the greatest teacher is a well-balanced one. My goal for this week is to make my life about the kids, not about the lesson plans.

Don't lose sight of enjoying these kiddos.
Don't miss out on making connections to their lives.
Don't throw away the discipleship for the classroom order.

Do enter the job every day with a prayer for wisdom to have the right responses to whatever monkey-wrenches get thrown into the day!

It is probably not the best time for a post after a discouraging day. But I do have 'em sometimes, and I need to refocus and move on.... It is not the end of my teaching career as I know it. :-)