Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wisconsin Weekend


This is me. 


I've been in Wisconsin all weekend. It was with four other Faith students - 3 of which I had only said "hellos" to prior to this trip. We all applied to go and present FBBC to churches of the midwest, and by God's sovereign grace we all found ourselves on this team spending a weekend of volleyball, fast food, and the outer perimeters of our comfort zone. 

I realized that I judge people too quickly sometimes, just by the front cover of their lives when there's really so much more to be read of them. Every individual person is complex, and I should give them the credit of not stereotyping or labeling them as a "type." 

I realized tonight that I am looking forward to spring break more than I thought I was. In the mirror I look myself in the eyes and see redness and readiness for a break. 

On that same note, I spent a blessed and glorious hour on the phone talking with my family this evening. It was so enjoyable simply to be passed from one member to the next and filling each other in on "the scoop." We all agree that we can't wait to talk together live and in person! 
(Only 5 more days....)

I'm really kind of excited to watch some tv. My two biggies that I am anticipating are first of all, the Amelia Erheart movie that is supposed to tell the story of her life - I am totally captivated by that era and it looks like it should be a really great movie!
Also, I think a little Full House would be fun to see. Maybe that's just my mood this particular night. 

Anyway, I could chat for quite a while, but sadly, I must wrap this up for now. Spring break is going to be a most welcome and wonderful opportunity to catch up on this blogging thing.... 

:-) Smiles to you this night. Thanks for reading, Friends. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Life is Beautiful

"Push yourself to notice 

the extraordinary 

in the ordinary."

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Spattering of Thoughts

Dude, where have I been!? 

It's 8 days into February and here I am just sitting down to blog...

And since time is of the essence (and I'm going to be rushing for work here in a little bit) I think I will just give you a random sampling of what's on my mind today. 

I'm grateful for Monday - the start of a fresh, new week.

Although I'm grateful for the beauty of the snow, I am NOT looking forward to the next few days of driving to work in it!

My daddy is the BEST because he takes care of me so well (even from 3 hours away :-) 

We wrote our first "lesson plan" in class today. Once you get nailed down what lesson you want to convey to the kids, the angles for presenting it are endless! Is there a way to "train" yourself to think out of the box?? 

I want to do more writing than I have been. I miss it. Just a good poem, or a lil story... anything. 

We have SMF tonight. I love Student Missionary Fellowship! And tonight a gentleman from Japan is speaking, if I read that right.... 

My camera needs batteries. I have some rechargeable ones in my desk - but sadly, nothing to recharge them with!

Super bowl party last night with Rachel J. was tons of fun! I really do need to follow the sports world better. Maybe this year I will officially "adopt" a team to cheer for. (Any intelligent suggestions?) 

In the words of Jesus: "Without me, you can do nothing." How am I doing on "abiding"? It's a sad thing to reach the end of a day and realize, "Wow, I took all the credit for the things I did today, without setting God as the center of it." Like that verse that says that the wicked, in the pride of his heart, does not seek after God; God is not in all his thoughts. 

God is really trying to teach me DEPENDENCE. I can sense it. 

I better get off here and get much more done before heading off to play with my kiddos! (aka work with the public school munchkins. They never cease to amaze me.) 

Thanks for listening to my RANDOMOSITY! :-) Have yourself a super good day! (and if you happen to reside in Iowa, drive safe in all this snow....