Friday, April 27, 2012

Just Me, Janell :-)

Whoa, I actually DID post while I was in Africa! I wrote more than I thought I did. 

I know, it could have been more.... 

So, while I was gone, it appears blogger got a new look to it. Also, our family got a new refrigerator (because our old one was two decades old), a new tv (because a young member of our household who shall remain nameless accidentally let go of the wii remote while he was playing....), and a new house (because it it my dad's latest investment. The idea is to find a person with good credit who will rent it.) 
That's the scoop around our house. 

There are many things that I had anticipated writing about, yet now that I'm on here, I find myself very tired. It's been a full day, but in a good way. I got to do some of the things that I LOVE - things I don't always have time for. 

* emailed people, both on a business level, and also just to catch up and say hi

* kept Jeremy company while he worked on baking cookies

* made a library run (!!! Oh library how I missed thee so) 
      If I go to Africa for any extended length of time, I will be sure to purchase a Kindle before I leave. That way I'll have my own personal "library" while I am over there :-) 

* took Wesley to the playground - not to mention while we were there we went down to the pond and came across a black snake as long as the belt Wes was wearing! It was a little too huge for comfort. We opted to walk around it rather than right into it's territory.... I put on my brave face cause Wes was there, but boy, that gave me the willies.

* spent a good couple hours on the back porch with my guitar, and while I was there I realized, my computer can take videos!! That was my "duh" moment of the day (please excuse the parts where I'm talking and sounding like a dork ;-)