Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just Can't Get Over that Sound!

One of the reasons I've enjoyed being home for Thanksgiving break so much is late-night hang-out time with my bro! The other night he came into my room and I his guitar in hand, practicing to play a song of simple chords. (It's my dream to get better at the guitar, musically-challenged as I am.) Jeremy showed me how his recent project on the guitar was to take a song from August Rush and figure out how to play it for himself. I love that!
While we were having some fun goofing off with guitar stuff, I jumped on the internet and checked out youtube to see the actual movie scene where he and his dad play. That was when I ran across a video of Mark Kroos, and I was totally captivated.

This guy is insane on the guitar!

You just have to see it to believe it - how fast his fingers are moving, how coordinated one guitar neck is with the other. And while it looks a bit like a mutation of the "normal" acoustic guitar, I just can't get over how beautiful and flowing the sound is that comes out of Mark Kroos' guitar. It's a good reminder that the magic is not in the instrument itself.
The instrument is merely a tool. On the shelf, it's nothing special. Just a little odd looking. But in the hands of someone who has devoted so much practice time, it can produce mind-blowing music. (Plus, such great study music! :-)

Mark Kroos, Acoustic Guitarist: Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft (Double Neck)